Constellation Pharmaceuticals Aims to Develop Epigenetic Drugs

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One of the news items that was missed in April during the brief hiatus was about a new biotech outfit (Constellation Pharmaceuticals) that had raised $32 million in a series A round of funding. The company immediately drew my attention not because they were planning to develop epigenetic drug therapies for cancer, but because of their founders: David Allis, Yang Shi, and Danny Reinberg are all well-respected scientists in the epigenetics field, and their founding of the company brings an immediate legitimacy to the organization, which was no doubt helpful in the round of funding. Additionally, it probably didn’t hurt gaining the attention of Mark Levin of Third Rock Ventures, the former cofounder of Millenium Pharmaceuticals, who is now the interim CEO of Constellation.

The young company’s web site is full of promising publicity talk about the potential of epigenetic therapies, but little of material value. However, the company is quite young and it will likely take awhile before any promising candidates emerge. As a side note, if you’re a BS/MS-level graduate in molecular biology looking for work, Constellation is hiring in the Boston area.

For more information about Constellation, see this article from the Boston Globe.