Epigenetics Attracting Attention from Investors

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I’ve talked before about e-mails I commonly receive from consultants, investors, and others regarding investment ideas of companies that are poised to take advantage of the research being done in epigenetics. I thought I would share a recent example of one such e-mail:

Hello Trevor-

Congrats on getting this site up. I first read about epigenetics in Discover magazine last year. It’s very interesting and intuitively seems more correct than “traditional” ideas about evolution. It’s a relief to have research that would validate the rise of cancers and “DNA gone mad” accumulated from the many internal and external toxins we have exposed ourselves to in just the past 3 (or so) generations.

This brings a sense of continuity and a more holistic element into our ultra individualistic society.

Keep up the good work.

On a side – I am also a student looking to pay my way through school. Given the emerging research and application of epigenetic research – I would like to invest in a company or research institute that will be applying the advancements to the marketplace. Would you have any advice for me as to where I can look for who is using the information and how? Would you suggest pharmaceutical company websites?

Now, here was my response:

Thank you for the comments. I am also very excited about the advancements being made through our growing understanding of epigenetic processes and our potential to understand more about cancers and diseases that have become prevalent over the past several generations. I like to point out to readers that I am literally learning about all of this just as you are — I had not taken a single genetics course when I started this site and thus my understanding of the methodologies used to increase our understanding of epigenetics was limited.

Regarding investments in companies that are applying these advancements to the marketplace, two companies I would look into are Epigenomics and MethylGene. Both companies are using publicly and privately funded research advancements to develop clinical tests and other marketable products. I have to also say that I am not an investment manager or expert and these should not be taken as endorsements of investments in these companies. I have no investment in either company nor any interest in suggesting that others invest in these companies. These are merely two companies that I know of that are ” applying the advancements to the marketplace.”

I hope this was helpful and I hope you continue to enjoy our coverage at Epigenetics News.


It’s clear that investors are taking an active interest in epigenetics as a field that will shape market advances in the coming years.

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