Epigenetics in Nature

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Nature has posted an interesting article entitled “Epigenetics: Unfinished Symphony” [subscription required]. Beginning with a look at how epigenetics has been explored in identical twin studies, the article also takes a current look at the International Human Epigenome Project and its efforts to gain funding, better organization, and credibility as a worthwhile effort.

    Given…technological challenges, it is only natural to question whether the research community is ready for such an enormous undertaking. Drawing on the experience of the early days of planning for the HGP, researchers working on epi–genetics are unanimous in thinking they can do it.

Epigenetics is drawing a tremendous amount of interest because it has the potential to lead to new insights into the genetic basis of disease, as well as the genetics of cancer. As a result, new technologies are emerging that will make the Human Epigenome Project a feasible initiative for researchers around the world to tackle. Link

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