Lab Atmosphere: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

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One of the labs that I visited during my job interviews had the most amazing atmosphere of any lab that I have been in during my work thus far. Undeniably, it didn’t hurt that everything was clean and equipment was mostly boxed up, which meant there was no clutter to make the space less appealing. But the open sky windows and big glass windows didn’t hurt either, as well as the high, raised ceilings and plenty of space in between benchtops. Also, the adjacent lab was separated by an unclosed wall, which had the effect of making the space seem even larger. I was really looking forward to the chance to work there, knowing how much a working environment can affect your mood and, ultimately, productivity.

The lab that I’m in now has no windows, although I have plenty of benchtop and desk areas, and there’s very few people around to make noise or provide distraction, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you want to to look at it. My question is: what is your lab environment like? Do you feel like it helps you be more productive, or could there definitely be some improvments that would make it much better?

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