NanoDrop It Like Its Hot

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I just came across this video on the NanoDrop Technologies web site. The NanoDrop is a new spectrophotometer that is growing popular among molecular biology researchers due to its ease of use and time effective advantages over traditional spectrophotometers. I’ve been using it exclusively for getting DNA and RNA concentrations; the results have been great and much more reproducible than some of the old spectrophotometers around here. I think the video was well done by the students from Brown University.

My only question: If these students had time to shoot and edit this video, how did they also have time to put together enough research for two Nature publications?

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3 Responses to “NanoDrop It Like Its Hot”

  1. Epigenetics Says:

    It’s a good machine, but they make the Ginzu knives look like some sort of ginzu RNA quantification device. But wait, there’s more…

  2. Sheila Says:

    I signed up for the newsletter but have not recieved it. Is there a problem?

  3. Trevor Says:

    The service that handles the newsletter, Zookoda, seems to be having problems with sending the newsletter. I have contacted their support team and am hoping to have the issue fixed this week.