Nature’s Top 50 Science Blogs: A Technorati Ranking

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This week Nature recognized the top 50 science blogs (written by scientists), and ranked them according to their Technorati ranking. It seems that the aim of this list was to use an objective method to make a list of some of the most popular science blogs around.

But I think the important thing to recognize with this list is how much credibility Nature has given these blog authors by formal recognition of their influence with a list such as this. Sure, it’s partly a gimmick to get free links from dozens of science blogs to the Nature Web site. But more importantly, the list establishes that the editors of one of the top peer-reviewed science journals in the world thinks that these blogs are important enough to point out to their scholarly audience.

That should be the story of this story, rather than who falls at what ranking and why X blog is not included. Link

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