Shutting Down Epigenetics News

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It has become apparent that I have been stretched too thin and am unable to make any significant time contribution to work on this blog.  I want to thank all of the readers for following and supporting the site along the way, and I hope that this will inspire someone with the time and energy to start their own blog about epigenetics.  I may do another blog in the future, but it will not be right now as I am focused on finishing my undergraduate degree and moving on to graduate school.

Thank you again!

Trevor Covert


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2 Responses to “Shutting Down Epigenetics News”

  1. Coturnix Says:

    What? Nooooooo! Not now!

  2. Sandra Porter Says:

    I thought you should know that we’ve all appreciated your work in keeping us up to date on epigenetics.

    I understand the challenges with balancing everything. That’s why I take breaks from time to time and then come back.

    Best wishes in grad school!